Tesselaarsdal Chardonnay 2022


An elegant wine that reflects roundness and a crisp acidity with subtle defining notes of white pear and lemon toast. Reflective of site, this cool climate medium bodied wine is both silky and fresh with an elegant long finish.

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The 2022 growing season had a fair amount of rain falling before the grapes started to ripen. This did not have a negative effect as the natural irrigation helped to reduce stress levels on the vines, allowing them to function optimally during the ripening period. The accumulation of cold units in the early winter was fantastic for breaking dormancy. Winter rainfall was lower than in the previous season but still sufficient to replenish soil profiles. The vineyards had even budburst and the initial growth was also even, mainly due to higher than normal maximum and minimum temperatures during September. Grape quality was very favourable, leading to an exceptional vintage.

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